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All tattoos must be Completely healed! Except for Tattoo of the Day and Best of Show. Tattoo of the Day must be completed the day of contest. Best of Show can be done over multiple days for Sunday's contest.  

Each category will have a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place for Large And Small. Large is 12 inches or more, Small is under 12 inches.

*Contest registration will be at the front desk. Registration is $10 per entry and all entries must be in by 6pm.

Contest start times:


Friday  6:00pm

Saturday 6:00pm

Sunday 7:00pm


Black & grey

best of show

Large Color

Small Color

Neo Traditional


Tattoo of the Day 

Tattoo of the day

Large Black & Grey

Small Black & Grey



Tattoo of the Day 

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